6 thoughts on “Episode 36: Live with Gary K. Wolfe!”

  1. Hey, Jonathan! 2 hours and fifty minutes for Writer & Critic? Yikes! The longest episode has only been 1:49. But, you know, if you’re throwing down a challenge … ;-)

    Great podcast this week. I’m also really looking forward to reading both Yellowcake and Watered Silk, not to mention the TPP collection. Any year with three new Margo Lanagan books is a damn fine year!

  2. From what I’ve heard so far, YELLOWCAKE won’t be published in the US and the UK until after WATERED SILK (or whatever the selkie novel will be called) is published – which means, after Spring 2012.

  3. Ooops. Sorry!!!! I probably got turned around and should have referred to something like Starship Sofa. Will try to remember to apologise on next podcast but am definitely sorry.

  4. I had the pleasure of seeing the complete Academy Award nominated short films tonight. The Lost Thing was brilliant, head and shoulders about the other animated short films, and it clearly deserves the Oscar. (See this program if you can, the short live films were all wonderful)

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