One thought on “Episode 47: Live with Gary K. Wolfe”

  1. I found the idea of following a reader’s path very interesting, though I don’t know if you can tell anything from mine!

    Arthur Ransome >> Sweet Valley High >> Terry Pratchett >> Tamora Pierce >> Kelly Link!!

    I actually discovered Kelly’s work through the Datlow & Windling books too – I pretty much discovered everything about the contemporary international scene that way. Eventually found my way to Locus and used the Recommended Reading list as my jumping off point for many, many authors, but still had YBFH as my touchstone… pretty much until I realised that I was now choosing my reading based on blog recommendation, and the game had changed from ‘what on the Locus RR List will I read this year’ to ‘what on the Locus RR List have I already read?’

    The game of ‘how did you find this author’ is great fun though, and perhaps could be a regular segment? If you ever feel the need for a little structure, hehehe. It shouldn’t be organised of course, just a question you occasionally hurl at each other when the other person isn’t expecting it.

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