The big news for me over the weekend was that I have been nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Editor, Short Form. I am delighted and honored and want to thank everyone who nominated me this year. It’s always a surprise, always a wonderful pleasure, and I’m very grateful.

Perhaps the most delightful thing, though, is that when I look down the ballot (you can see it here) is that if I stop to congratulate all of my friends on the ballot I’d have to pretty much reprint it, so congratulations to all!

That said, I’m especially delighted to see Al Reynolds’ “Troika” from Godlike Machines on the ballot. I’d been worried that given it only had limited availability it might be overlooked, so this was wonderful news.  I’m also thrilled to see Gary Wolfe nominated for Bearings and to see Locus up for semi-prozine. It seems particularly appropriate that a collection of Locus essays, Locus itself, and someone who he helped so much should all be up for awards at a convention where Charles Brown is the posthumous guest of honor.

There are also two other Australians on the ballot. Congratulations to my dear friend Shaun Tan and to Australian SF legend Sean McMullen for making the ballot.

Also to Ian, Ted, Liz, Rachel, Jim, Kij, Peter, Mike, Lou, Ginjer, Gordon, Sheilia, John, Ann, and, well, everyone, congratulations and good luck! I hope to be in Reno for the big night, so will see you all there!

5 thoughts on “Hugos!”

  1. I entirely failed to congratulate you for this on the weekend! I am very happy to see you nominated again and it certainly is not something to be taken for granted! Well done, J.

    PS: Love your new banner! Heard some nice things about the Eclipse 4 cover at Swancon from various people.

  2. Congratulations!

    Only four finalists for short story, but seven(!) for long form editor? Must have been a three-way tie for fifth place.

    First time in a while that there are more female nominees than male in the novel category.

    I’m intrigued by the short form dramatic which has three Dr. Whos vs. an Oscar winner vs. a youtube hit.

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