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This coming weekend Gary Wolfe and I will celebrate the first anniversary of The Coode Street Podcast, which we launched here on May 8, 2010 with very little forethought or preparation.  It’s proven to be a weekly pleasure for us both, discussing the literature we love and interacting with the growing Coode St community.

When we realised the anniversary was coming up we planned to do all sorts of things, but as is pretty much our trademark, we haven’t quite gotten to it. We still might. But in the interim, should you be motivated please feel free to leave any questions or subjects you might like us to discuss, or just birthday wishes, in the comments thread to this post.

And, importantly, thank you to all of you who have listened, commented, or guested on the podcast.  We’re looking forward Coode St Year 2.0 already.

3 thoughts on “Birthday podcast”

  1. Hi Jonathan & Gary,

    Long time listener (since the very beginning!), first time commenter. Congrats on the anniversary! I’ve loved listening along and continue to look forward to your little show each week. Being Canadian, I feel a certain kinship to the new crop of Australian podcasts, even if only in a distant sort of way – I only wish we had such an active community in the great white north!

    A few questions to spur discussion:
    – What is your impression of Dune as a classic of the field, and where do you see most clearly its influence? Jonathan, I heard you name it as one of your top-5 picks on the Writer & the Critic mega podcast, but it doesn’t seem to have come up very often in your conversations with Gary. It was one of my gateway books when I was growing up in the late-80s/early-90s and I’ve always had a fondness for it.

    – With the recent talk of epic fantasy, I was wondering if you could speak to your impressions of newer writers in the field. Specifically, you mentioned you’d read Abercrombie’s latest, and I’d be interested in hearing what you think of it and his previous work. Others of a similar type I’ve enjoyed in recent years are Scott Lynch and Patrick Rothfuss (who just blew up with his second novel). Are you familiar with their work at all? Finally, I’ve also been enjoying the work of R. Scott Bakker, a Canadian working on his second trilogy of particularly sophisticated epic fantasy. Has his work made much of an impact in the field?

    Thanks again for all the great conversation, and keep it up! Your podcast is a great resource for someone like me, who loves the field but grew up, not on Heinlein juveniles, but on Super Mario!



    ps- Jonathan, please keep up the great work on your anthologies, your Night Shade year’s bests and Eclipse volumes have been a great education and immense fun.

  2. It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year already. I never miss an episode and look forward to it every week. Here’s to many more!

    A curious thing about listening to the podcast, whenever I read anything by you or Gary now I hear your voices. Funny that.

  3. Hi Jonathan and Gary!

    As one of your three fairy godmothers from Galactic Suburbia, I have enjoyed muchly your year’s worth of podcasty goodness. You generally keep me company as I am zooming around the supermarket on the weekend, having left my family at home to strangle each other in my absence.

    I enjoy the perspective you both provide on the industry, and the glimpse at all the insider knowledge you have packed away inside those skulls of yours. While we do not always agree, and I occasionally do find myself arguing fervently with you both (generally in the pasta aisle) my weekend would still not be the same without you!

    So Happy Birthday Coode Street Podcast – I will raise a virtual glass of wine to Gary and a virtual cup of coffee to Jonathan. Keep on rambling!

    Tansy xxx

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