More Best of the Year…

Well, I have just emailed the signed PDF of the relevant section of the contract to my agent (it’s the 21st Century here in Perth), so I guess it’s true.  I have committed to edit the next two volumes in The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year series for Night Shade Books. This means I’m reading stories published in 2011 for the book to appear in March 2012 (Vol. 6) and will read 2012 stories for the 2013 volumes (Vol. 7).

I have to say I’m delighted to get to continue working with Jason, Jeremy, Ross and the team at Night Shade. They’ve been fantastic collaborators on this project since we started work on the first volume back in mid-2006, and I look forward to continuing the series for many years to come.

One thought on “More Best of the Year…”

  1. Good news! It’s something I definitely look forward to every year.

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