2 thoughts on “Episode 50: Live with Gary K. Wolfe! Birthday!”

  1. Happy birthday, Coode St!

    Good discussion for your 50th episode.

    I can’t help but thinking, though…when you were talking about how perhaps some of the value of fantasy books lies in their immersive powers? You weren’t deliberately avoiding the word “escapism” there, were you? :D

    As for having “gotten what an author is trying to say” and then moving on, well. That puts the pressure on us to express our recurring themes as perfectly as possible the first time around, doesn’t it?

    That or get new themes!


  2. Hi Thoraiya – Thank you for the birthday wishes. No. Really. I honestly meant the aspect of epic fantasy that involves getting lost in the text. “Escapism” is so often used as a derogatory term about both book and reader that I think it’s largely become devalued. And yes :)

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