Episode 60: Live with John Clute and Gary K. Wolfe!

In 1975 Peter Nichols, John Clute and Brian Stableford launched a project that would ultimately last for more than thirty six years, exceed four million words of careful scholarship, occupy at least three publishers, win  many awards, and be recognised as the most important reference work in the science fiction: The Science Fiction Encyclopedia.

This week encyclopedist, writer, editor, and critic John Clute joined Gary and I to discuss the coming September launch of the third edition of the SFE, the history of the project, and the exciting SF Gateway project which is being launched by Gollancz at around the same time.

We’d like to thank John for joining us and, as always, hope you enjoy the podcast!

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  1. Quick question: Does anyone out there know the situation in regard to international rights for these SF Gateway ebooks? Currently, the Gollancz SF Mastwerworks ebooks are not available in the U.S (as far as I can tell).

    In any case, both the digital project and the Encyclopedia are amazing efforts!

  2. Scott, going by the only information I have seen so far (on twitter) it will depend for each book on which distribution rights Gollancz has acquired. UK and Australian rights seem guaranteed, for the rest of us it might be the familiar frustrating potluck.

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