Thirteen days till I fly to Sydney and I’m finally getting to focus on it, having cleared the decks. Marianne has been an enormous help, doing the bulk of the clerical work to help get more than four dozen writers payments out this week. We’ve been fortunate enough to sell Russian and Polish editions of Swords and Dark Magic and Wings of Fire, and Under My Hat payments arrived, so there was a lot to send out and I wanted to be sure it went out pre-WorldCon.  Some writers are actually in all three books, so lots of careful checking and doublechecking.

We’re going out for dinner on Friday, but Saturday will be all about getting clothes and papers sorted. I’ll start the physical packing come Monday or Tuesday. It’s my preference to leave a suitcase on the floor of my office and just toss things in there as they occur to me. This trip is going to be a real adventure. I need some downtime to de-stress, so I hope it will provide that, and it means seeing some dear friends in Sydney, San Francisco and Reno. Gary and I are going to podcast like maniacs, and I’m hoping we’ll have new t-shirts ready for that.

There’s a lot of other stuff. I’m reading a new novel I can’t really name, but am enjoying a great deal, and just got another in the email last night. Some cool stuff! More posting soon.

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