T-Three days

The big clock on the Renovation website says that it’s seven days till WorldCon. Here things are in the kind of chaos you might expect, if you’re used to dealing with easily stressed middle-aged flyers.  For some reason I’ve evolved from the nice, easygoing relaxed flyer who could throw a few t-shirts into a bag and go into someone who needs to be sure he has the right playlist on his iPad, that all of the plugs are cords are checked, and so on and so forth.

For the most part, all of that sort of preparation is well in hand. I fly out of here at about 10.00am on Saturday, and all is looking good for that. I do need to do a little panel preparation, but I have some time for that.  Oh, my schedule, should you be interested, is:

Renovation – Programming

Thu 14:00 (D05) 1 hr
Short but Containing the World: A Look at Novellas
Fri 13:00 (A04) 1 hr
Selecting the Best Short Fiction of the Year
Fri 15:00 (A01+6) 1½ hrs
Three Interviews about Charles N. Brown
Fri 17:00 (A03) 1 hr
The New Space Opera — Still Going Strong

Makes for a busy Friday, and I am not going to be able to make the Locus party, which I’m very disappointed about, but all of those should be fun. For those interested, I’m doing a signing or a Kaffeeklatch but will be round the Locus table in the Dealer’s Room a bit (if anyone’s interested, let me know in comments and I’ll set a time when I’ll definitely be there).  Other than that, it’s all pretty much set, unless you’re free for dinner Friday.

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