Episode 63: Live with Gary K. Wolfe!

It looked, for a moment, that technical difficulties would prevent us getting this final pre-WorldCon podcast out to you, but we persevered, recording this one twice.  We discussed many things, including changing concepts of the field, books that we’re reading and so on.  We’ll be at WorldCon and look forward to meeting as many of you there as possible. We’ll also be recording, and hope to get something online from there (though it’s possible we might not). Hopefully we’ll see you here next week. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the podcast.

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  1. Great Discussion. It’s a joy to hear two intelligent guys at the heart of science fiction talk about it. You turn the genre I love into a living and breathing creature. I look forward to dipping back into past episodes and listening to you more in the future.

  2. Just a sidebar on Nineteen Eighty-Four – “Imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever” is O’Brien’s view of the future, but it may not have been Orwell’s. Thomas Pynchon points out in his introduction to the 2003 Penguin edition that the Appendix at the end talk of Newspeak as if it (and presumably IngSoc, with which it is bound up) are things of the past. In Journey Planet 3 (http://efanzines.com/JourneyPlanet/JourneyPlanet03.pdf), I suggest that the massive victory over Eurasia reported at the end of the novel is an indication of the party system unravelling, as it is outside the pattern of war described in Goldstein’s book as part of the system.

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