The Day Before Reno

If yesterday was all about the joys of international travel, today was all about recovery. Nine or so blissful hours of sleep helped to get me back on my feet then, after a quick run through the morning’s email, Ellen and I headed off to Toast for brunch. I had a “Godfather” omelette while she had pancakes and fruit, and we got to discuss books, art, awards and the life of those of us involved in the SF field. We then headed back to her place for more chatter and then Battleship. We found and downloaded an iPad app for it, and spent and hour or so idly chatting and blowing up one another’s craft. I then took the chance to take a leisurely twenty minute stroll over to Borderlands go check out the store. It’s a fantastic book store, and I was sorely tempted to strain my baggage limits. I then went to their cafe, which had yet to open the last time I was here, and had my first ever flat white in eighteen years of visiting the US. It wasn’t on the menu, it wasn’t that good, but it was a flat white!!! It’s mid afternoon as I type this, and next up is a trip up to Locus for a BBQ which should be awesome fun.

And it was. We drove over to Oakland and spent Monday evening chatting and enjoying the company of old friends before Gary, Madeleine, Ellen and I headed back to SF, where conversation continued late into the night. Tuesday we were all up and packed early and headed out for breakfast at a small local place. Then we drove to Reno. The weather got perceptibly hotter as we approached Reno, but the conversation was fun and a good road trip was had by all. we got into town at about 6pm, registered, and then found a quietish bar in the enormous venue where we talked late into the night.

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  1. I never encountered the flat white until I was in Australia but they seem to be spreading; seen them on the menus in the UK recently.

  2. @ Al R:

    Aha, that would be the influence of ex-pat Australasians (there is some controversy over whether the flat white was invented by New Zealand or Australia) in the UK.

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