Episode 89: Live with Gary K. Wolfe and Barry Malzberg!

This week Gary and I are joined by Campbell Memorial Award winning author Barry Malzberg to discuss the Library of America’s American Science Fiction Nine Classic Novels of the 1950s, how the ’50s were the last “Hot Time” in science fiction (or not), and other matters science fictional.  As always, we hope you enjoy the discussion.


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  2. Peter Nel says:

    I enjoyed that podcast very much.

    Heinlein, Clarke and Asimov were the Big Three of science fiction. Jack Williamson was the Dean of SF. Ray Bradbury was (or still is) its poet.

    But Barry Malzberg is the Eeyore of science fiction. How we need him. I could listen to the guy for hours.

    Oh, by the way, your discussion reminded me of Edmond Hamilton’s 1952 story “What’s It Like Out There?”, which took a decidedly un-rosy view of manned space travel, long before there even was such a thing.

  3. Gsry says:

    Thanks for pointing out the Hamilton story, Peter. I’ll pass your other comments along to Barry, who I doubt will read these comments otherwise, but I agree that I could listen to him for hours. He has both an astonishing memory and a remarkably sane perspective.

  4. Peter Nel says:

    Thanks, professor Wolfe! (I’m assuming that’s who “Gsry” is.)

    I’ve been dipping into my e-book of Engines of the Night with great pleasure, and as a direct result a number of authors have been promoted way up my reading list. I’ve been meaning to read more 50s SF, because there’s so much to be discovered, but also because of the influence of Barry N. Malzberg and others like Gardner Dozois, who also champions that decade.

    I hope he knows who Eeyore is, and why it’s a left field compliment! :)

    The LOA books are very keenly anticipated as well.

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