It’s getting towards that time when I really have to commit to some 2012 travel plans. I’ve bought a plane ticket to Melbourne, so I’ll be there for the NatCon, even though I’m still to make hotel reservations or buy a membership. I’m also genuinely torn between Toronto for World Fantasy Convention and Chicago for WorldCon. I think, even after all of the discussions I’ve had lately, that I will likely opt for Toronto. I am thinking about changing things up on that a little, but I suspect that’s how it will play. There are also family breaks for April and December, but we’ll see about those.

Hm. Now I think about it, there is one argument to go to WorldCon in August instead of World Fantasy in November: the best of the year. The WFC trip always plays havoc with prep for that. Something to ponder.

Episode 93: Live with Gary K. Wolfe and Peter Straub!

With the Gene Wolfe event about to hit full swing in sunny Chicago, all sorts of fun things are happening in the windy city. This morning (Perth time) our good friend Peter Straub was visiting Gary’s stylish Chicago pied-à-terre, so we fired up the podcast and had a pre-dinner chat about literary boundaries, modern horror, writing, Caitlin Kiernan and much much more. As always, our thanks to Peter for joining us. We hope that you’ll enjoy the podcast. Next week: ICFA!