In just  over a day the Locus Science Fiction Foundation Kickstarter project has been funded! This is wonderful news, as it means that the photo and ephemera collection at Locus will now be digitized and properly archived.  Having spent time with the archive, I know what an important resource it is and how valuable this is going to be to the SF community.

I hope, though, that people will consider keeping supporting the project now that it has been funded. The Foundation says as part of its Kickstarter that:

Should we exceed our funding goals, there are several projects waiting in the wings:

  •     digitizing and storing Locus’s immense and historic collection of audio author interviews, currently only on microcassettes and in imminent danger of degrading
  •     cataloging the current book, pulp, and periodical collection housed at Locus
  •     a fantastic but as-yet-to-be-announced project, one that would benefit many in the SF/F community from authors to fans to publishers

I think these are terrific projects and the first on the list – digitizing the audio collection, is a spectacularly good project. I’ve spent a lot of time at Locus HQ and Charles would always tell us that he had the original recordings for all of the interviews he did for Locus. It would be a spectacular primary resource for the field if they could be preserved for the future.

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