Episode 97: Live with Gary K. Wolfe and Liza Groen Trombi!

Chicon 7, the 70th Annual World Science Fiction Convention, has announced the nominees for the 2012 Hugo Awards (see list here). This morning, just hours after the ballot was announced, Gary and I were joined by Locus Executive Editor Liza Groen Trombi to chat about the ballot and all things Hugo. As always, we hope you enjoy the podcast!

6 thoughts on “Episode 97: Live with Gary K. Wolfe and Liza Groen Trombi!”

  1. Congratulations to the podcast, the magazine, and Jonathan wearing his editorial hat!

    Dear sleepy people, based on the Locus Recommended Reading List, Mira Grant’s Deadline is science fiction, so the novel category is 3 SF and 2 F. (As I’m sure I remember Cheryl Morgan clarifying, the “rules” for the Hugos have not changed, because fantasy was never excluded. The 1971 winner in the novella category, to pull one fairly early example, was “Ill Met in Lankhmar”.)

    Daw gets the publishing credit for Who Fears Death, not Akata Witch, which was published by Viking Juvenile.

    That said, I wish I were half so articulate in the early morning/late evening. Thank you for taking the time to provide prompt commentary.

  2. Jonathan and Gary: Congratulations on the Hugo nomination for Coode Street Podcast. Well deserved. I’ve had many a terrific hour listening in on you two over the past nearly 100 shows. Onward!

  3. Congratulations on the nomination for the podcast. I hate to make it all about me, but I like to think that I can take 1/326th of the credit for the result.

    Congratulations as well Jonathan for another year of editing goodness.


  4. Hi guys,

    I was disappointed that, in your discussion of awards, there was no mention of the British Science Fiction Awards, which went to some of the works you’d discussed, The Islanders for best novel, Paul Cornell’s ‘The Copenhagen Interpretation’ for best short fiction, and the Science Fiction Encyclopedia for best non-fiction.

  5. Hi Tony. I’m not sure we had the BSFA results when we recorded the podcast. We probably should have mentioned the nominees, though, something to keep in mind for the future. Best, Jonathan

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