Episode 102: Live with Gary K. Wolfe!

With the sun slowly setting over the Coode Street Motel 6, Gary and I headed for the Waldorf Room to record episode 102 of the podcast. For the first time in two years we had show notes, we had plans, and we had news: surely nothing could go wrong!  Surely!

We had much to discuss:

  • the Nebula Awards winners, which had just been announced;
  • feedback from Cheryl Morgan on Episode 101 and whether women write rigorous SF;
  • gender and whether the gender of the author affects how we perceive the genre of their work;
  • and more! Really.

For those seeking show notes, we did discuss all of the above, along with mention of the Tiptree Centenary (time to start planning!), Gary’s upcoming attendance at Wiscon and Readercon, and other stuff.

However, this is the Coode St Podcast. It soon became clear Gary had not *read* the show notes, that we couldn’t fit in everything we’d planned and…well, we did the best we could. As always, we hope you enjoy the podcast. Next week, Wiscon!