Jeff on editors, influence and power

I’m not especially given to shouting out “me too” or piling in to agree on things, but that’s how I felt when reading Jeff VanderMeer’s post on “Editors, influence and you“. Folllowing on from an SF Signal podcast and discussion of recent events at Readercon, Jeff addresses the issue of editors, the influence they can have on your career as a writer, and harrassment.

I can only say read it. I agree pretty much wholeheartedly. Realistically, no single editor can influence a writer’s career significantly. Any editor who tries to suggest otherwise is either being foolish or a creep. Anyone who tries to trade on that impression in any way (especially physically) is contemptible, damages every editor when he or she does so, and deserves to be ejected from our community for such actions (the punch in the face Jeff suggests would also be appropriate).

I also agree about the editor/writer power balance comments Jeff makes. I still very much feel like the newbie I was 20 years ago, and am always surprised and taken aback when I hear people don’t see me that way. It is something I try more and more to be aware of and to manage as best I can, but it does turn people like me into old farts, and I’m already far too far down that path to need any help so I’d ask anyone I meet to remember I’m just some guy and not to take me too seriously.

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