Eclipse Online is coming!!

Five years ago I was chatting on the phone with my good friend and publisher Jason Williams about our mutual love for short fiction and for the great science fiction anthologies of the 1970s, especially the books edited by Terry Carr. We share a deep admiration for his groundbreaking Universe series of anthologies, and for his annual ‘Best of the Year’ anthology series.

Those conversations changed my professional life and continue to impact on me every day. They lead directly to The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year, which is currently heading into its seventh volume (I’ve actually been sending out contracts for stories and am working on assembling the book which has to be finished in December). It also led to Eclipse which, in many ways, is my dream project. An unthemed anthology series where I could feature what I thought was the best fiction I could find, one that blended science fiction and fantasy at a time when I believed that was what the field really needed.

Eclipse was successful. We published four volumes of the series, all to great critical acclaim, and some to a little controversy. I’m incredibly proud of each and every story we published, but when the time came to assemble Eclipse Five it became clear times had changed, and we needed to change with them.

After some discussion we decided we needed to relaunch Eclipse as an online magazine, Eclipse Online, which would feature two original stories every month and which would continue the work we’d done with the books. It’s taken some time, and we’re doing this on a tightrope over a yawning chasm, but at last Eclipse Online is ready to see the light of day. Next week the first story will launch, Christopher Rowe’s “The Contrary Gardner”, and it will be followed two weeks later by K.J. Parker’s “One Little Room an Everywhere”. Both are accompanied by wonderful illustrations by Kathleen Jennings.

I couldn’t be happier with our launch stories and hope readers everywhere will love them as much as I have. There’s much more to come, and soon!

Under My Hat in the Commonwealth!

Under My Hat, Hot Key Books
Under My Hat, Hot Key Books

There’s a lot to celebrate this month. First is the welcome news that the fabulous Hot Key Books edition of Under My Hat: Tales from the Cauldron is now out in the UK and Australia! Sarah Odedina and the Hot Key team, who are busy launching a brand new book imprint, have been wonderful to deal with (they even sent me champagne and chololates to celebrate!), and they’re doing a brilliant job with the book.

If you’re in Australia or the UK please consider heading out to a bookshop near you – chain or independent – and check out the beautiful book and the great stories in it. Of course, if you’re in the US you can get the first edition of the book from Random House and Jim Thomas, who have been similarly fabulous.

I have to say it’s been a joy and a privilege working with everyone associated with the book, and I only hope I’m lucky enough to get to work with them again.