Eclipse Online – Some reading!

In October of this year Night Shade Books launched a new fiction magazine, Eclipse Online. It was the obvious next step for the critically acclaimed Eclipse series of anthologies, that I’d been fortunate enough to edit for the previous four years, and has given me the opportunity to broaden and develop Eclipse in a new environment.

So far we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to feature five wonderful stories (see below for a list) that span a lot of the spectrum that Eclipse hopes to cover in coming years. There’s still a lot more to do: new kinds of stories to find, new authors to publish, and new boundaries to push. I’m excited about that, and grateful for the chance to do it.  I’m also grateful to Kathleen Jennings for letting us feature her beautiful art, and to each of the authors for their stories.




With the holiday season upon us, there are two things I’d ask you to consider doing if you’ve enjoyed any of our stories. Head over to the Night Shade Books site and leave a comment letting our authors know how much you’ve enjoyed their stories, and consider ordering a book from our publisher. Their support keeps Eclipse going and they do have all of the Eclipse anthologies available!

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