Episode 131: Live with Nancy Kress!

With Gary’s commitments fulfilled, we once again headed to the Gershwin Room, where we were joined by award-winning writer Nancy Kress to discuss writing, science fiction, the future, and all sorts of other interesting stuff. As always, we hope you enjoy the podcast and will see you next week!

4 thoughts on “Episode 131: Live with Nancy Kress!”

  1. That was fun. I’ve been reading more of Kress’ work over the last year (enjoyed her recent story in Asimov’s too) and was excited to see her on the guest list for this episode. The lag issues were a bit rough at first but I admired how you guys were able to finally time your questions, etc. to go with it. It could have really cut into the spontaneity of the conversation but instead once you all were on a roll it really worked out well and this was a rich and rewarding conversation to listen to. I even got online and ordered a copy of Flash Point from the library while listening. It is not the norm of what I read but I like Kress and the conversation enough that I decided to give it a whirl.

  2. Nancy Cress was so interesting-thank you for having her on your show! Loved the story about her having to send in a quarter so she could get back feedback on the writing that she submitted. Also mind-blowing that they had separate section in her library for “boys” and “girls.” Lots of great tips for authors in this episode as well.

  3. Enjoyable episode. Thanks to you both. In keeping with female authors, I just finished Julie Phillips wonderful biography of Tiptree (reading it for last The Writer & The Critic episode). I wonder if on an upcoming episode you and Gary could discuss Tiptree. Perhaps what she meant to the field in cotext of the time (70s) and her more lasting impact to today. I’d also be interested to hear both your comments as to how you reacted when her identify was revealed. Finally, I maybe you could contact Ms. Phillips and see if she would be willing to come on the podcast and talk about writing the book and what she took away from it. Thanks!

  4. Okay, no lie, was driving in my car with the windows down listening to this episode of your podcast when the guy next to me asked me what station I was listening to because he wanted to listen too…needless to say he was crestfallen when I told him it was a podcast. Thought I’d share just in case you needed a little positive reinforcement. Keep up the great work!

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