Stefen’s Books

Buy my books at Stefen’s!

Every now and then someone asks me where they can get copies of my books and until now I’ve only ever been able to direct them to the wilds of the internet. I do have spare copies of many of my titles – most of them in fact – but I’ve not been in a position to sell them myself, for a number of reasons.

Well, that is no longer the case. On Sunday I took copies of just over two dozen of my books to Stefen’s Books in Perth. Stefen’s is run by one of my best friends, and one of Australia’s best booksellers, Stefen Brazulaitis. For the next few months at least, he will be offering those books for sale. Please check out his website or drop him an email with your wishlist. I’ll be happy to sign any books if you just let him know.

Oh, and if you’re not fortunate enough to be near the bookshop, drop him an email with a query about mail order.