5 thoughts on “Episode 134: On digital texts”

  1. Very good stuff, gentlemen. Touched on two topics I am very interested in: digital reading, which I’ve just recently started sampling and now am hooked by (despite my love of the book as object) and short stories, which I am very passionate about. You could have easily “rambled” for twice as long and hope you do more short story collection/anthology-related podcasts in the future.

  2. Ebooks was as good as a “Summon Paul Weimer” spell :) (h/t to Cheryl Morgan)

    I’ve read enough ebooks to know my reading speed. So if I am 30% through a book, I know how long it took me to get there, so I know the “heft” of that 30 done and 70 percent remaining,

  3. Been reading eBooks since 1992-ish. Last year roughly 80 of the 84-ish books I read were electronic. I haven’t stopped buying paper books, as the folks at Subterranean can tell you, but I have stopped buying mass market paperbacks, trade paperbacks and hardcovers by anybody other than my favorites. Not enough room! And while I do enjoy the look/feel/smell of a “good book”, when I read words, it doesn’t matter if it is crumbling pulp, high grade paper, glowing electrons or passive eInk.

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