Episode 134: On digital texts

Once again, with almost no preparation, we head up to the Gershwin Room and end up discussing reviewing, digital texts, and other related issues. As always, we hope you enjoy the podcast.

5 thoughts on “Episode 134: On digital texts”

  1. Very good stuff, gentlemen. Touched on two topics I am very interested in: digital reading, which I’ve just recently started sampling and now am hooked by (despite my love of the book as object) and short stories, which I am very passionate about. You could have easily “rambled” for twice as long and hope you do more short story collection/anthology-related podcasts in the future.

  2. Ebooks was as good as a “Summon Paul Weimer” spell :) (h/t to Cheryl Morgan)

    I’ve read enough ebooks to know my reading speed. So if I am 30% through a book, I know how long it took me to get there, so I know the “heft” of that 30 done and 70 percent remaining,

  3. Been reading eBooks since 1992-ish. Last year roughly 80 of the 84-ish books I read were electronic. I haven’t stopped buying paper books, as the folks at Subterranean can tell you, but I have stopped buying mass market paperbacks, trade paperbacks and hardcovers by anybody other than my favorites. Not enough room! And while I do enjoy the look/feel/smell of a “good book”, when I read words, it doesn’t matter if it is crumbling pulp, high grade paper, glowing electrons or passive eInk.

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