Eclipse Online to close effective immediately

Seven years ago Eclipse One was published and went on to be part of one of the most respected original science fiction and fantasy anthology series of its time, featuring major awards winners and nominees, stories destined to become classics, and either winning or being nominated for the World Fantasy, Aurealis, Ditmar, and Locus awards.

In October 2012 Jonathan Strahan and Night Shade Books decided to relaunch Eclipse as Eclipse Online, an online magazine featuring two new previously unpublished stories and artwork by Kathleen Jennings each month. Eclipse Online has featured stories by Christopher Rowe, K.J. Parker, Eleanor Arnason, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Lavie Tidhar, Christopher Barzak, Genevieve Valentine, F. Brett Cox, Susan Palwick, Peter M. Ball, E. Lily Yu and An Owomoyela.

It is with sadness, therefore, that we are announcing that Eclipse Online has ceased publication effective immediately. All stories in inventory have been returned to their authors, and no new stories will be considered for publication. All authors have been paid. Any queries regarding other payments should be directed to Night Shade Books.

Editor Jonathan Strahan said today: “While I am disappointed to see Eclipse Online close, I will always be grateful to Jason Williams, Jeremy Lassen, Ross Lockhart, and the team at Night Shade Books for their enthusiastic and energetic support of Eclipse over the past seven years. It was a joy and privilege to work with the authors and with Night Shade to produce such wonderful work, and I am deeply grateful to them all. There are no future plans for Eclipse at this time, but Night Shade will always be a critical, valued part of its past.”

3 thoughts on “Eclipse Online to close effective immediately”

  1. Will the stories already published remain online – or due to Night Shade’s liquidation will the Eclipse Online site itself be taken offline?

  2. Hi Mark – I would expect the stories will remain online. The authors contracts allow for them to request the stories to be removed after a certain period, but that period has not expired yet. The one variable would be if the NSB site is impacted in some other way by the sale, which is possible, but I wouldn’t know anything about. Best, Jonathan

  3. Well that just sucks. I was not thrilled to see the print version go away and am disappointed that the e-version will now not be in existence either. It was fun going with you from the very inception and I hope you know that there are many out there like me who loved the concept, loved the stories, and were introduced to many new authors because of Eclipse.

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