BTW aaargh!

There is a pragmatic, if somewhat blind, terror stalking my everyday thoughts as the month of May slowly slides by as though nothing could possibly be amiss.

Every day a new story is published. Hah! Every day dozens of new stories are published. Hidden in books and magazines and websites, in .epub files and .mobi ones, places you’d never think to look. I struggle to find them, to not lose track of them on my Kindle, in my iBooks thingie, on the shelf behind my desk. Wherever they may end up. And every day we move inevitably, inexorably towards the moment when I’m going to have to start choosing stories for my next best of the year volume. I can see the day from here, and I am not ready!

Not only am I not ready, but I have a magazine issue to get ready for the end of September and two original anthologies due in January and March of next year. Things are going to be crazy over Christmas, my friends. Off the top of my head, I’ll be delivering 400,000 wds of manuscript, a collated reading list and writing an essay between Christmas and the end of March. I have no idea how that’s going to work out!

How can you help? Let me know about the best stories you see. Blog, tweet, post on my Facebook or email me direct, but let me know. If you’re working on something, let me know too. I want to know. Really!