Steven Utley’s Invisible Kingdoms

Cover art for Invisible Kingdoms by Steven Utley
Invisible Kingdoms, Steven Utley

Steven Utley started publishing back in the 1970s.  He wrote smart and strange stories, stories occasionally set in the far future, but mostly set in the deep past.  He was part of the Turkey City Writer’s Workshop, which also included Bruce Sterling, Lisa Tuttle, Lewis Shiner, and Howard Waldrop.  And he was best known for a group of stories known as his “Silurian Tales”, which he started publishing in 1993 and kept writing until his sad death earlier this year.

Somewhere back in the ’90s he connected with local Perth publisher Ticonderoga, who put out Ghost Seas, a collection of his stories.  The book did well and everyone was happy, and fifteen years slipped slowly past (as they are wont to do).  Then last last year they reconnected and Ticondergo published The 400 Million Year Itch, the first of a two volume set of Utley’s collected “Silurian Tales”. The book was well received and now the second volume, Invisible Kingdoms is about to his the shelves.

It’s a cool book and you should consider checking it out. If you’re interested, you can read one of the stories, “Another Continuum Heard From!” at Revolution SF.  Recommended.