Episode 144: On bookstores and lifetime achievement

With Gary just returned from Madiscon, Wisconsin, the glorious Concourse Hotel and the fun of Wiscon 37, where hotel wi-fi frustrated plans for live podcasting, he joined Jonathan in the Waldorf Room high above the Coode Street Motel Six to discuss the role of bookstores in helping readers to find unexpected, books we’ve not read (The Pride of Chanur and Downwards to the Earth!!), and lifetime achievement.  With nominations closing in just days, they exhorted listeners to nominate for the 2o13 World Fantasy Awards (nomination ballot here), and made special mention of Mary Stewart and Susan Cooper as possible Lifetime Achievement Award recipients. As always, Gary and Jonathan hope you enjoy the podcast!

2 thoughts on “Episode 144: On bookstores and lifetime achievement”

  1. I couldn’t hear the name of the author that did the non-fiction book on John Brunner.

    On my bookshelves is “The Happening Worlds of John Brunner”, a collection of essays covering mostly the “dystopians” (Stand on Zanzibar, The Sheep Look Up, The Jagged Orbit, Squares of the City and a few others, but before The Shockwave Rider). Good stuff, both Brunner and this book

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