Fearsome Birthdays

Today is the birthday (well, publication day) for Fearsome Journeys, my thirty-sixth anthology and fifty-something or other editorial project. Each and every book is special, and this one has been a real joy for me.  If you were to ask me to compare it to any of my other books, it’s probably most like Swords and Dark Magic,  which I co-edited with my good friend Lou Anders a few years ago.

I celebrated the day by dropping in to Stefen’s Books here in Perth. By sheer chance (honest!) Stef had just put copies on the shelf, so I got to see it out in the world. Dave Cake and Adrian Bedford were there (I’ve known Dave for years, and met Adrian a few years ago in Canada, I think). Adrian graciously bought a copy and asked me to sign it, which I was delighted to do.

There’ll be more on the book here and elsewhere but for the moment I hope you can find it, and like it when you do! Also, if you do like it, tell me and the authors. I know they love to hear when their work is appreciated, and I think they all did a brilliant job.