Fearsome Birthdays

Today is the birthday (well, publication day) for Fearsome Journeys, my thirty-sixth anthology and fifty-something or other editorial project. Each and every book is special, and this one has been a real joy for me.  If you were to ask me to compare it to any of my other books, it’s probably most like Swords and Dark Magic,  which I co-edited with my good friend Lou Anders a few years ago.

I celebrated the day by dropping in to Stefen’s Books here in Perth. By sheer chance (honest!) Stef had just put copies on the shelf, so I got to see it out in the world. Dave Cake and Adrian Bedford were there (I’ve known Dave for years, and met Adrian a few years ago in Canada, I think). Adrian graciously bought a copy and asked me to sign it, which I was delighted to do.

There’ll be more on the book here and elsewhere but for the moment I hope you can find it, and like it when you do! Also, if you do like it, tell me and the authors. I know they love to hear when their work is appreciated, and I think they all did a brilliant job.

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  1. Happy Birthday! I must admit that I had an early delivery. I was in my local Barnes and Noble store on Friday and looked up to find the book sitting there. The timing was perfect as I not only was able to snag one for myself but grabbed one to add to my friend’s birthday present. Over the weekend I was at a local convention where author Glen Cook was manning his dealer’s table and so I read his story and was able to go talk to him about it and have him sign the book. It was his first time seeing the book and he was surprised to see it as both he and I had it in our heads that it was a June release date.

    He had very nice things to say about you, Jonathan.

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