Solaris Books to publish The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year

I am delighted to announce that, starting from March 2014, Solaris Books will be publishing The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year series throughout the world in the English language.

As announced this week, my agent Howard Morhaim and I have recently sold The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year: Volume 8 and The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year: Volume 9 to Jonathan Oliver at Solaris. Jon has been my editor on the award-winning “Infinity” series of anthologies, and on the recent Fearsome Journeys. Working with Jon and the Solaris team is a pleasure, and I know they’ll help me take the Best of the Year to the international audience it needs and deserves. I cannot imagine a better team to partner with on this series of books.

I am, of course, sad the series is leaving Night Shade Books after seven years. I have been incredibly fortunate to work with Jason Williams, Jeremy Lassen, Ross Lockhart, and the Night Shade Books team on these books and an online magazine over an eight year period. I have very fond memories of those times, and am incredibly proud of those books. When Night Shade changed hands I knew it was time for a fresh start with the Best of the Year, but I hope a chance will arise to work together again in the future. Until then, though, I have a lot of reading to do!

5 thoughts on “Solaris Books to publish The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year”

  1. That’s fantastic news, since it means that the book (and its later descendants) may well have bookshop distribution where I live (South Africa). We do get Solaris UK books down here, but of course Night Shade didn’t make it – you had to order them, but to do that you had to know about the book in the first place, which approximately nobody down here does. Well, Nick Gevers, maybe.

    But what about volume 8? Did I miss an announcement about it?

  2. Of course! I misread (or under-read) your post; got fixated on the number 9. You made it quite clear. Great news!

  3. Glad to hear the series landed on its feet. Your other anthologies with Solaris have been top notch so this seems to be a great partnership from the outside. Will it still be a trade paperback?

  4. Hi Chris. Thanks for the kind words and support for the series. It’s appreciated. At the moment the intention is to produce a book that will match in size the previous volumes in the series, so hopefully it should fit pretty well on your book shelf. Best, Jonathan

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