Episode 153: On Sharknado, politics, and international SF

It was another typical day in the office for the Coode Street team. Having taken the time and made the effort to ascend to the Gershwin Room (there are a LOT of stairs), having avoided the temptations of the Tiki Lounge, having decided not to simply spend their time gossiping, Gary and Jonathan instead turn their attention to pressing issues like Sharknado and modern SF, whether British SF is more political than its US counterparts, and the growning prominence of non-Anglo SF with a minor sidestep into what it is to be an insider in the SF field. Naked attempts to persuade readers to buy new books are truncated by the sudden termination of the podcast due to Jonathan’s PC crashing. Fortunately they were close to done. Still, they hope you enjoy the podcast and remain, now as ever, the mullahs of Coode St.

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  1. FYI, Sjón is better known as a song writer and poet. Amongst other things he has written lyrics for Björk and the opening song for the Athens Olympics. I’ve met him, and he loves science fiction.

    The Croatian anthology was produced by Croatian fans as a freebie for members of the 2012 Eurocon in Zagreb. It some really great stories in it.

    Oh, and the ebook edition of Adventure Rocketship is proudly published by Wizard’s Tower Press. :-)

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