Erratic service

I seem to think about writing here more than I actually do. Apologies for that. I’m dealing with some kind of weird problems with this site that relate to attacks from somewhere in China. I have no idea why. However, it’s probably a good reason to point anyone listening to the podcast to access it/download it from the Podbean site. I’ve been cross-posting it here, but I’m going to try only posting it there, and then posting a link here. I’m eager not to lose anyone so please let me know if you have troubles and I’ll do what I can to get things fixed.

In other news, I lucked out and saw You Am I a few weeks, watched my cricket team lose badly, bought some cds, maybe bought some hi-fi gear, and have read a bit. Bought a Greg Egan story for Reach for Infinity, and made some changes to a few other projects.

Oh, I’ve also sent out the first contracts for stories to be reprinted in The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year: Vol 8, which is exciting. I’m toying with changing the balance of the book a little, to make it more dynamic.  I’m considering essentially preparing two separate full book tables of contents – one for SF and one for fantasy – and when I have two strong stand-alones, then blending them together. Not sure if that’ll work, or if it’s what I want, but I was taken with the strength and simplicity of the ToCs for Best SF 2003 and Best Fantasy 2003 when I looked at them a little while ago. It would remove some interstitial stuff, though, and I’m not sure how I feel about that.