it’s the middle of August. This is a bit shocking, really.  It was only April ten minutes ago. I am in no sense prepared for the year to start its endgame, but it seems I have no choice. Taxes, birthdays, a One Direction concert, a trip to the UK, and lots and lots of other things stand between here and the Christmas break. I feel weary just thinking about it. Along the way, projects to deliver.

The main thing on my plate is finalising details for the UK. I’m flying Singapore Airlines, which should be fine, and am all settled for the Brighton part of the trip. Not set for London, though. I think I’ve allowed too much time for holiday, and am trying to reconcile the details. I’m sure it’ll all be set soon, but it’s another thing.

Along the way, I’m listening to the Eels, still reading Sofia Samatar, podcasting like a bandit and not thinking about San Antonio or many, many other things. Busy times. How are things with you?