Episode 156: Live with Sofia Samatar

Cover art for A Stranger in OlondriaThis week Jonathan and Gary are joined in the Gershwin Room by Sofia Samatar, author of the brilliant debut fantasy novel A Stranger in Olondria, which was published by Small Beer Press this April.

In a wide-ranging discussion, we look at the origins of  A Stranger in Olondria, re-encountering genre fiction, the power of language and how we encounter it, and much, much more.
As mentioned in the podcast, you can read more of Sofia’s fiction here:
Another new story is coming up shortly at Lightspeed, and a sequel to A Stranger in Olondria is in the works.
As always, we would like to thank Sofia for taking the time to join us, and hope you enjoy the podcast.
Amended to add: The brilliant Cheryl Morgan, of this parish, did what I failed to do in comment she said:
“The Cuban book is The Island of Eternal Love by Daina Chaviano. “Ricky” is Rikki Ducornet. Jeff VanderMeer has been promoting her for some time. The zombie book is A Questionable Shape by Bennett Sims.”
Many thanks for the information, and the follow up, Cheryl!