Subterranean shines with new issue

Subterranean Magazine
Subterranean Magazine

There are many reasons that I love Bill Schafer and Subterranean Press.  As a book lover, I appreciate the well curated, sharply designed and beautifully produced books that they produce. As an editor who has worked with the press, I am staggered by their professionalism and generosity. Everything is done right, and if there’s a minor issue it’s resolved quickly and easily. And as a reader, I love what they choose to publish. Whether it’s Lucius Shepard’s The Dragon Graiule or the eight volumes of The Collected Stories of Robert Silverberg or their recent gorgeous Harlan Ellison reprints – they’re all essential.

And then there’s the magazine. I’ve guest edited an issue of Subterranean Magazine and appreciate the quality and variety of work featured by Bill in the magazine, as well as his excellent taste and careful curatorship.  The twenty eight issues published to date include some of the best short fiction published anywhere over the past five years. His support of K.J. Parker’s short fiction alone makes it essential reading.

The latest issue has just been published and it features:

A major new novella by Lewis Shiner and a terrific novelette by Ted Chiang make it a stand out. I recommend the issue heartily and suggest you take a moment to let Bill and the gang know how much you appreciate what they do. I will be.

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