Episode 158: Live with Malcolm Edwards and David G. Hartwell

Recorded live in San Antonio, Texas at  LoneStarCon 3, this week’s episode sees our intrepid podcasters once again depending on the vagaries of hotel internet connections and Skype calls to bring you the very best in science fiction podcasting.

This week Gary and Jonathan are joined by Malcolm Edwards, Managing Director of Orion Books, and David G. Hartwell, senior editor at Tor.  In a freewheeling discussion, these two enormously experienced and respected giants of the science fiction publishing industry discuss contemporary publishing, editing, and their deep and abiding love for science fiction.

We would like to thank David and Malcom for joining us, and hope you enjoy the podcast. We would also like to thank everyone who nominated The Coode Street Podcast for the Hugo Award this year (it’s greatly appreciated) and send out our sincere congratulations to all the 2013 Hugo Awards winners.


  1. ben rowe says:

    Curious to know what the android cat book was, didnt hear/ catch its name on the podcast

  2. Mark Stackpole says:

    Divine Endurance by Gwyneth Jones is the cat novel Hartwell and Charles Brown passed back and forth in their hotel room.


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