Wakulla Springs pre-order!

Cover art for Wakulla Springs
Wakulla Springs Pre-order

About a month ago Ellen Klages and Andy Duncan were kind enough to appear as guests on the Coode Street Podcast. We had a lively and engaging discussion about writing, publishing and collaborating. A significant portion of the discussion centered around the publication of their forthcoming Tor.com novella, “Wakulla Springs“.

Well, the story is set to be published in early October, but you can pre-order the ebook now (for $1.99).

Tor.com has been doing an incredible job with the artwork it’s provided for their short fiction, and the art for “Wakulla Springs” is no exception. My hat’s off to Irene Gallo.  My only regret with this one is that there isn’t going to be a print version of what looks to be a truly lovely package.