A Kaleidoscope of fantasy…

I am good friends with World Fantasy Award winning editor and independent press publisher Alisa Krasnostein. I’ve followed her work since she started publishing and have been deeply impressed by her energy, her commitment and her good taste in fiction.  That’s why I was excited to hear that she was joining up with Julia Rios to co-edit and publish Kaleidoscope: Diverse YA Fantasy.

Alisa and Julia’s goal is to publish an anthology of great YA fantasy fiction created by a truly diverse range of writers that presents a range of viewpoints and experiences that more closely match the rainbow coloured world we live: one that encompasses as many viewpoints and character types as possible.

To help with publishing this important book Alisa and Julia are running a Pozzible campaign to help raise the money to pay writers full professional rates and to create the kind of physical book that this project deserves.

If you love fantasy, if you love YA Fiction, if you think we need a broader range of voices heard in science fiction and fantasy, please consider supporting the campaign. Every little bit helps.

One thought on “A Kaleidoscope of fantasy…”

  1. I personally seem to go along with almost everything that was in fact put into writing in “A Kaleidoscope of fantasy… | Notes from Coode Street”.
    Many thanks for pretty much all the tips.Thank you-Harley

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