Mixed blessings

Friday felt like the first real day here in London. I’d woken early and headed out for breakfast at a cafe on Marchmont Street. The area the hotel is in is quite close to the British Museum, so the plan was to have breakfast, see a few things, wait for the traveling companions to arise, and then experience London.

Because jet lag is a cruel mistress, G didn’t emerge till 11am and E till nearly 1pm. We ended up having lunch at a nearby pub (fairly appalling fish and chips), then strolled over to the BM for a long look at their Greek, Egyptian, and European collections, which were fairly breathtaking. We spent hours there, tried and failed to find stuff we needed to buy in the Museum Shop, and then headed off in search of a pub. We found one and the next hours disappeared in a series of pints, some terrific conversation, and then back to the hotel.

Today: Trafalgar Square, DN, and maybe Forbidden Planet.

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