Delivered! Winter is coming…

I have just delivered my latest project! For the past year I have been working away on a special issue of Subterranean Magazine for Bill Shafer and Subterranean Press. I love Subterranean and feel incredibly lucky to have been invited to edit a second issue of the magazine.  There’s still a little work to do on the issue, which features an anthology’s worth of new original science fiction and fantasy stories, but here’s the table of contents!

  • The Scrivener, Eleanor Arnason
  • Bit Players, Greg Egan
  • The Prelate’s Commission, Jeffrey Ford
  • Nanny Anne and the Christmas Story, Karen Joy Fowler
  • Hayfever, Frances Hardinge
  • Caligo Lane, Ellen Klages
  • I Met a Man Who Wasn’t There, KJ Parker
  • Pilgrims of the Round World, Bruce Sterling

The issue, which I think will be the Winter 2014 issue, is due out in early January. I’m searching for some cover art for it at the moment!