Half a century

Well, I’m turning 50 today. Spent yesterday feeling very unwell, suffering from vertigo and it’s unpleasant symptoms. Today is improved, if not perfect. I’m hoping to spend a pleasant day with family,  keeping it all very low key and relaxed.

I have been away from this journal for too long, and for much longer than I’d intended. Looking back, the posts for 2013 have amounted to a few news announcements, podcast episode releases, and some whining about stuff. I’m hopeful I can do more than that in 2014.  While I have no intention of making New Year resolutions, especially about writing here, I do hope to be a more regular presence in coming months. Not only do I have some publishing projects coming up, but I am keen to put my toe back in the water reviewing.  As a run up to possible other things, I’m going to try to review short fiction here semi-regularly. Not sure if I well, but let’s see.

In the meantime, my sincere thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes. They’re very much appreciated.

One thought on “Half a century”

  1. A belated happy birthday. I’ve been on holidays at place with virtually no network connection. Thanks for the podcast.

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