Subterranean out now!

Subterranean, Winter 2014
Subterranean, Winter 2014

One of the major editorial projects that occupied that second half of 2013 for me was compiling a special issue of Subterranean Magazine.  It has just been released, as the Winter 2014 issue, and I am very proud of what Bill, the SubPress team and I have done with it.

The issue features a major new novella by Bruce Sterling, and terrific stories by KJ Parker, Karen Joy Fowler, Jeffrey Ford, Greg Egan, Frances Hardinge, Ellen Klages, and Eleanor Arnason.

I hope you enjoy it, and hope you’ll post comments here about it. I’d also like to thank Bill for giving me a second chance to play with Subterranean. I think it’s a great magazine, and it was a privilege to get to edit it for a second time.

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