Thursday morning

A mixed day yesterday.  I took the new MacBook Air into the Apple Store to get looked at by a “Genius”. It was experiencing an odd problem, shutting down intermittently when going into sleep mode. I think we may have resolved the problem, so fingers crossed.  I am very happy that I managed to get Time Machine working on my Stora. The Genius did a total reset/reinstall on the laptop, but I was able to neatly restore from the backup, so win there.

As some of you would have noticed, I did the annual “what I did” post yesterday for the Hugos. I admit, as always, to being a little conflicted about this, but it’s done.  Adam Roberts talks about why I might be uncomfortable and John Scalzi provides an alternative view.

I am looking into providing some sort of download for Eclipse Online stories for awards nominators to consider.  It’s unfortunate they’re not online and I’d like to do what I can to make them available.

In other news, I am listening to Etienne Charles, reading J.G. Ballard, and basically trying to get things done. Busy month, as always!

8 thoughts on “Thursday morning”

  1. Hmm, that Air problem: so I got a new Air towards the end of last year as well, and every so often when I wake it from sleep mode I get a message saying ‘your computer rebooted unexpectedly, click here to report to Apple’, which I have been loyally doing. Is that the same as your issue? And if so, was it an easy fix?

  2. I don’t think it is. I got my Air last week for my birthday. On three occasions, when it was doing different things, it went into “Energy Saver” mode. In one instance the lid was closed. In the other two the screen shut off. When I attempted to awaken the machine it was clear it had shut down. I had to reboot on each occasion. We still don’t know what the problem was really, but it seems to either have been (1) a power control problem that should be resolved by a reset or (2) a problem with a badly downloaded firmware updated. The Air seems to be running normally now, but only time will tell. Either way, I didn’t get a message and it didn’t shut down from sleep mode.

  3. Which Ballard? I’m reading “Roadside Picnic” (Strugatsky Brothers) and have “Solaris” (Lem) up next, Ballard seems to be something to fit into the theme.

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