I’ll Work For Your Love

I’ll Work For Your Love

Tomorrow night Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band take to the Perth Arena stage for the first time. It’s part of my middle-age crisis gift to myself. Four shows. Two in Perth. Two in Melbourne. ¬†With my hearing have been a crisis issue for me for the past month or more I’m looking forward to something that will salve the soul a little.

This doesn’t mean I’m not working. The ‘best of the year’ is in the safe hands of Jonathan Oliver. Reach for Infinity¬†must be with him before I head to Melbourne, then home to do more. Busy, busy times. Looking forward to seeing some dear people in Melbourne too.

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  1. Lucky you! He’s just left my home town – in fact, he performed 8 kilometres from where I live – but I missed him. No tickets. Didn’t hear about it soon enough. Enjoy, Jonathan! You deserve what breaks you can get.

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