Tasmania: home of whisky?

I was given many fine gifts for Christmas. In amongst them was a bottle of  Sullivans Cove Single Cask French Oak Cask whisky.  I’d been interested in several Australian whiskies over the past few years,  and was delighted to finally get a chance to try one, and it was a revelation.  I tend to drink a lot of the Islay whiskies – Laphroaig and so on – but the full flavour of the Sullivans Cove really stood out.

When it was recognised as Best Single Malt at the recent World Whiskies Awards I took the chance to pick up a second bottle, just in case it doesn’t show up in shops here for a while. I also, for the first time, find myself really interested in trying other Tasmanian whiskies. The Lark, Heyers Road, Trappers Hut and others all look very interesting. I suddenly want to be much better informed about them…

Episode 183: On nominating for the Hugos and Lucius Shepard

As always, we get everything the wrong way round. Having just returned from the glades of Florida, a land of mocktails and alligators, Gary joins Jonathan to discuss the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, nominating for the Hugo Awards, and the career of the late Lucius Shepard (which they should have started with, as you’ll discover if your patience holds out).

As always, we hope you enjoy the podcast!

Episode 182: Steven Erikson and Ian McDonald

This week Gary is in Florida at the International Conference in the Arts where he is joined by Steven Erikson, author of the bestselling ‘Malazan Empire’ series of epic fantasy novels, and Ian McDonald, author of River of Gods, Dervish House, and the Planesrunner series.  The sound quality is not ideal, but the conversation is fascinating, and a rare one Jonathan gets to experience as a Coode St listener.

As always, our sincere thanks to Steven Erikson and Ian McDonald for being part of the podcast. We hope you enjoy the episode. See you next week!

“. . . from that day forward she lived happily ever after. Except for the dying at the end. And the heartbreak in between.” – Lucius Shepard, The Scalehunter’s Beautiful Daughter.

Very sad news that the brilliant, irascible and irreplaceable Lucius Shepard has passed away following a stroke last year.

Shepard started publishing in the late 1970s and produced a string of stories that included some of the most powerful and memorable ever to appear as fantasy or horror or whatever it was he wrote. Whether it was stories of a valley spanning dragon, a hallucinogenic South America war, jaded vampires, or down and out bums, his fiction was always up close and in your face, as beautiful as it was ugly, and utterly, totally unforgettable.

I met Lucius twice. Once in Seattle at his home in 1997, and a second time in Washington DC in 2003. We always meant to hit another bar, but never got the chance. Instead we emailed, I bought a story or two, and always wanted more.  There will be no more. My sincerest condolences to his family and friends.

Episode 181: Eileen Gunn, questionable practices and the purposes of science fiction

Cover art for Questionable Practices
Questionable Practices

This week Jonathan and Gary are joined by Nebula Award winning writer Eileen Gunn to discuss her new short story collection, Questionable Practices, her upcoming article for the Smithsonion magazine on the purpose of science fiction, her novel in progress(!), and much, much more.

As always, our sincere thanks to Eileen for being part of the podcast. We hope you enjoy the episode. See you next week!