Tasmania: home of whisky?

I was given many fine gifts for Christmas. In amongst them was a bottle of  Sullivans Cove Single Cask French Oak Cask whisky.  I’d been interested in several Australian whiskies over the past few years,  and was delighted to finally get a chance to try one, and it was a revelation.  I tend to drink a lot of the Islay whiskies – Laphroaig and so on – but the full flavour of the Sullivans Cove really stood out.

When it was recognised as Best Single Malt at the recent World Whiskies Awards I took the chance to pick up a second bottle, just in case it doesn’t show up in shops here for a while. I also, for the first time, find myself really interested in trying other Tasmanian whiskies. The Lark, Heyers Road, Trappers Hut and others all look very interesting. I suddenly want to be much better informed about them…


  1. That sounds like a good excuse to bring Marianne & the kids down on a Tasmanian holiday!

    It’s too late to pledge now, but have you seen this crowdfunded whisky tour that Kudelka is doing? http://www.pozible.com/project/177254

    I particularly like the illustration of the Tasmania whisky map!

  2. I love the map too! I think it would be a perfect excuse for a Tassie holiday, and I’m sure Marianne would agree (up to the point where she had to put up with me going to lots of distilleries )

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