Peter McNamara Convenor’s Award – Aurealis Awards

It would seem that I have been incredibly fortunate and been presented with the Aurealis Awards’ Peter McNamara’s Convenor’s Award for Excellence. I’m incredibly honoured and would like to thank everyone involved, especially my dear friends Cat Sparks (who presented the award) and Sean Williams (who accepted the award on my behalf).   I’d also like to thank everyone for their kind words and congratulations. I feel deeply honoured tonight.

I had been asked to provide a few words, and this is what I sent Sean to say on my behalf:

I have only attended one Aurealis Awards ceremony, a small affair held in a Melbourne book store what seems like a hundred years ago.  I hear they’ve grown and become something very swish and special.  My friend Cat Sparks is always telling me they are wonderful and that I should come and enjoy the champagne and glamour.  Sadly timing and other mundane things mean I can’t be there, but I wish I could be, especially tonight.

I am deeply honoured to be presented with the Peter McNamara Convenor’s Award. As I look back through the list of previous recipients I see dear friends, respected colleagues, and even a book that I helped to publish way back when. This award bears the name of one of my oldest colleagues and friends: Peter McNamara. He was a great editor and publisher,  a passionate supporter of Australian science fiction and fantasy, and a wonderful person.  It pleases me more than I can say that this award is linked to him.

I’d like to thank the judges and everyone at the Aurealis Awards, Sean Wlliams (who is reading this for me and who has been a dear, dear friend since the very beginning), everyone in the Australian SF community who has worked with me or helped me over the past 25 years, and my family, who allow me the time to do this.

The Aurealis Awards have been very kind to me and I’m deeply grateful to everyone there, especially Tehani Wessely who works incredibly hard each year on them.

I’d also like to repeat my sincere congratulations to all of the winners, the nominees and the judges at tonights awards. What a night it seems to have been!