Episode 186: Hugo Awards 2014 with John DeNardo and Tansy Rayner Roberts repost

Loncon 3, the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention, has announced the nominees for the 2014 Hugo and Campbell Awards. As is our practice, this week we have a special episode of the podcast devoted to discussing the awards and all of the wonderful nominees.  We are very grateful to John De Nardo (of SF Signal)  and Tansy Rayner Roberts (Galactic Suburbia and Verity) for joining us for what we think is an interesting conversation.

We would also like to thank all of our listeners for nominating Coode Street for our third consecutive Best Fancast Hugo Award. We could not be happier, or more grateful.

As always, we hope you enjoy the podcast and we’ll be back next week with more!
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2014 Hugo and Campbell Awards

The committee of Loncon 3 have announced the nominees for the 2014 Hugo and Campbell Awards. I am delighted to be nominated for Best Editor, Short Form and to share a nomination with my dear friend Gary K. Wolfe for the Coode Street Podcast.  My sincere thanks to everyone who nominated me and the podcast. If I can be forgiven a moment of quiet pleasure, these are my 9th and 10th nominations (seventh as editor and 3rd for fancast), which I believe is the most for anyone from Australia. I’ve a bit humbled if that’s true.

My congratulations too, to all of the other nominees, but specifically to  my many friends on the ballot: Charles Stross, Andy Duncan, Ellen Klages (!!!), Cat Valente, Ted Chiang, Aliette de Bodard, Jeff VanderMeer, Ginjer Buchanan, Ellen Datlow (and the rest of the editor gang!), John Picacio, my podcast pals (special insane shout out of delight to Mondy and Kirstyn!!),  Ramez, Sofia and Bees!

I wish everyone good luck and can’t wait to see you all at the Loncon3 ceremony.