The Best Thing I’ve Read All Week – Lazarus

Lazrus #1
Lazrus #1

Following the release of the Hugo Ballot recently, Grant Watson provided a list of other graphic stories he felt should or could have been consisdered for the Best Graphic Story category.

One of the titles he suggested was Lazarus, a darkly dystopian science fiction series set in a not-too-distant future United States, by Greg Rucka and Michael Lark.

The setup for the series describes it as being set in a world divided by financial boundaries, rather than be political or geographic ones. Wealth equals power and that wealth is controlled by a series of oligarchical families, who are often at war with one another.

If you are not a Family member then you are one of the few serfs who work for them.  And if you’re not a serf, you’re Waste, one of the countless millions with little or no hope in life. And life is cold out in the Waste. Each Family has a Lazarus, a person genetically modified and trained from birth to defend the Family.  They have every advantage – technical, financial, scientific – that can be bestowed on them.

Lazarus is the story of Forever Caryle, the Lazarus for Family Carlyle. Her life is an unrelenting tale of duty, honour, sacrifice, all to advantage the family and control the Waste.

In the eight issues I’ve read so far, inhaled over the past week, the art has been brilliant and the story compulsive. If I’d read this last year the first story arc would have topped my Hugo ballot, and the second story arc will definitely be there in 2015.

If you have any interest in great graphic stories, especially SF ones, this comes heartily recommended.


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  1. Just tried the first issue of each of those. They both have their strengths, though lack the compulsive quality of Lazarus (at least after 1 issue). I think Umbral may be my preferred one of the two, though that may be because I preferred the artwork. Very much appreciate the recommendations.

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