It’s a weird thing for me, but December/January and April are the times of the year when I tend to get Meniere’s attacks. I don’t know why, though I have and continue to look into it.  In the time since my return from the UK my hearing has very slowly deteriorated. It was pretty good, all told, in the US, but it’s gotten quite poor of late. Tinnitus is up, hearing is down, and life tends to grind to a halt when that’s happening. I’m hoping I can get it to clear up without an attack, not so much because I loose a day or so to the attack and it’s symptoms, but because each one carries the risk of further permanent hearing loss, and I’ve lost as much as I feel I can. I already should be using hearing aids, something I’ll definitely sort out after this has settled down.

Time otherwise is a haze of desultory Christmas shopping, whisky obsessing, and reading short fiction.  I’ll update on the latter sometime soon.  This past weekend we recorded a marvelous podcast with Kij Johnson and I got to hang out with my brother for lunch. No music listened to at all (obviously), but we did rewatch Elf for family movie night (Jessica’s choice).   A busy week ahead with graduations, friends and more.  Were it not for the ears etc, life would be good!

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