Meeting Infinity

This week sees the release of Meeting Infinity, the fourth and possibly best, instalment in the “Infinity Project” series of anthologies published by my friends at Solaris Books.  It’s a big, ambitious book that asks how we have to change ourselves in order to face the possible futures we might live in.

Which sounds a bit dry and academic, but the book is anything but that.  It’s dark, funny, dangerous, thrilling and occasionally goofy. It has uploaded personalities, strange medical solutions and I’m pretty sure there’s at least one zombie ninja in there (thanks for that, by the way, Chairman Bruce!) . If you love science fiction, then there’s something in here for you.

Meeting Infinity has already had an incredible reception, with stories picked up to be reprinted in ‘Best of the Year’ anthologies from Gardner Dozois, Neil Clarke, Rich Horton and others.  You might ask, why do I need Meeting Infinity then? Well, because I think it’s the best science fiction anthology of the year, and so do one or two of those ‘Best of the Year’ editors. It’s gorgeous.  None of the online images really does justice to just how sexy the actual printed book is.  Also, any single excerpt is just that: a taste of the real thing.  If you love SF, Meeting Infinity really is the real deal. It would, as they say, make a pretty great Christmas gift for the SF lover in your life (or as a gift for yourself).

You can buy it in the US, UK and Australia from your favourite bookstores. Support your favourite independents where you can, go to a chain (they have cool people working for them) if that’s best, or buy an ebook if that’s your preference. Here’s a few links to help with that:

I’d also add, if you like the “Infinity Project” books and would like to see more (I’m working on a new one now), the best way to make sure they keep coming is to buy them, and the time to buy them is when they first come out.  Meeting Infinity comes out December 1st

Cover for Meeting Infinity
Meeting Infinity, December 2015

Episode 258: Jim Minz and Baen Books

With the year coming all too quickly to a close, this week we are joined by distinguished veteran editor Jim Minz, who discusses his career from his University of Wisconsin days to working for Tor Books in Wisconsin and New York, Ballantine Del Rey, and currently Baen Books in North Carolina. We touch upon the various market segments of different subgenres of SF and fantasy, the various ways in which Baen and its market may have been misunderstood, the role of women editors in SF, and various other matters related to the SF publishing industry over the past two or three decades.

As always, we’d like to thank Jim for making the time to talk to us, and hope you enjoy the episode!